Rest and recharge

I have often wondered how God experienced Pentecost. Rushing wind, fire, tongues, and the many gifts of the Spirit that blew into the world on that day must have taken a lot of energy. Scripture tells us, that having finished the work of creation, God the Creator rested on the seventh day. Did God the Holy Spirit need a “breather” after Pentecost?

Scripture tells us, and farmers know, that the land, too, needs to rest, to lie fallow. After five years of harvesting land at the “point” (the area near where Country Club and Lake Concord Rd join), this year at All Saints’ we have planted a “cover crop” to keep the soil from blowing or eroding and at the same time inject nitrogen while it lies fallow this year.  

Everyone needs time for rest and renewal, time off to recharge, days to sleep in. Some will choose the chance to engage a different landscape ­– a trip out of our comfort zone can offer the opportunity for new perspectives, new ideas, new approaches. Rest is so important that God included Sabbath (a day of rest) in the Ten Commandments. EFM, Adult Ed, Youth Group, the Choirs and Sunday School have all enjoyed wonderful weekly meetings and will now take a break or move to a different format for the summer. Teens will head to Camp Nazareth June 11-19. Vacation Bible School returns August 4-6. The Tour de Saints will ride out August 26. Other special offerings and opportunities for fun and fellowship this summer will soon be announced.

We are all called to offer our gifts to our churches, communities, and families and the gifts we offer are strengthened if we have had a chance to get new perspective and energy and ideas. I pray that you will find ways in the season after Pentecost for rest and renewal — for re-creation and fun with family and friends!

What are the ways that you find to rest and recharge?

What about ministry in which you engage gives you energy or joy? Who do you know who would be blessed to hear about the gifts you have received in ministry?